Career opportunities

Participants in the Infrastructure Project Finance program enjoy wide-ranging career opportunities in several different areas of specialization:
Financial institutions, Banks, Insurance companies, Financial consulting, Investment funds, and others in Europe and abroad.


International profile

30% of graduates are employed outside France.  Some of the places they are working include the United States, Germany, Poland, Spain, UK, Brazil, Dubai, and People’s Republic of China.

Diversity is the foundation of the Master Program.

Collaboration with North and South American Universities affords us the opportunity to offer dual degree diplomas.  Similar collaborations around the world are in development.

The Master Program is taught using real-world Project Finance Simulations.

The Master has been redesigned to reflect the evolution of trade as well as to improve the professional training of graduates.

At the beginning of the academic year, students are assigned to teams that reflect their cultural and professional diversity: Professional, Engineering, Law, Finance.

The simulations follow each step of a real-world business case.

The offers are prepared and negotiated during three sessions spanning two-and-one-half days, corresponding to key moments of a real offer.