Real-world Project Finance Simulation

The Master Program has been redesigned to reflect the evolution of trade as well as to improve the professional training of graduates. It is now taught using a real-world Project Finance Simulation.

At the beginning of the academic year, students are assigned to four teams with cultural and professional diversity: Professional, Engineering, Law, and Finance. One team represents the public grantor and the three others represent three competing consortia.

The simulations follow each step of a real-world business case. The tenders are prepared and negotiated during three sessions spanning two-and-one-half days each, corresponding to key moments of a real tendering process. Those sessions are prepared by lectures giving the necessary theoretical and practical background. In this respect, this Business game is the backbone of the Master Program teachings.

Classes are limited to 20-25 students



- 420 hoursofin-class study

- 60%taught bybusiness professionals from the private and public sectors

- 40% taught by professors and researchers. 

Courses are taught in English.



1-      Introduction to Project Finance

a.       Fundamentals of corporate finance

b.      Basic mathematical and modeling skills

c.       Spreadsheet skills for modeling

d.      Conferences on economic sectors

e.       Conferences on the main actors and stakeholders

f.       Essentials of project management

2-      Technical skills

a.       Tax, accounting and legal issues

b.      Hedging instruments (interest rate, currency)

c.       Modeling

d.     Leasing & structured finance

3-      Management skills

a.       Negotiating in an multicultural environment

b.      Communication skills

c.      Compliance, CSR and Ethics

4-      Project case simulation

5-      Application to industrial sectors

a.       Financing energy projects

b.      Financing innovation and venture capital

c.       Financing real estate projects

d.      Financing acquisitions and LBOs