Program objectives

Michel Lyonnet du Moutier developed this Master program 15 years ago after observing a serious shortage of well-trained Project Finance graduates. 

The resulting Master is fast-track and multi-disciplinary, fulfilling a need in the market.

The Project Finance strategy was originally dedicated to large infrastructure endeavors.

Today, the Project Finance model is gaining favor in many fields, including energy, telecommunications, utilities and entertainment. 

Projects of smaller scope and size are gradually adopting this model.

This concept is unique because it combines the expertise of experts in finance, law, economicresearch, town planning, technical feasibility, auditing, etc. to achieve the best possible outcome.

The development of related activities such as real estate finance and venture capitalis now become a second objective.

These are but a few examples of the vast range presently covered by Project Finance.

The same financial principles still apply, but they naturally remain complimentary to Structured Finance.